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As an all-access member, you will get all the perks in general membership, as well as a unique log-in to a private site where you can explore a directory of members, career coaches, and partner discounts.

Join for $19/month or $185/year ($40 savings).  


Lady Directory

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Career Coaching

We've assembled a listing of badass coaches who offer discounts to their services to members.

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Be featured

We want to showcase you and the great work you're doing! 


Video Library

Every month, we’ll release a video masterclass available for unlimited use. Led by LGP founder Claire Wasserman, subjects will include salary negotiation, public speaking, effective networking, and how to advocate for yourself at work.


Downloadeable Guides

Check your inbox each month for worksheets full of step-by-step instructions and talking points so you can make sure you put into action.


Virtual Meetup

Get to know your fellow members through our virtual meetup. Each month, we'll have a guest facilitator who will lead a discussion on a certain theme. Attendees will be encouraged to set goals and stay in touch as a way of holding one another accountable.

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Private Slack channel

With 10k+ women in our general Slack group, it can get a bit noisy. We decided to create a private channel just for members so you can connect in a more intimate and streamlined way. (Don't worry,you'll still have access to the larger group.)


*All access only

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We're happy to offer a 15% discount to all workshops, webinars, and conference.

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Partner Perks

From Squarespace to the The Sill, we’re constantly adding new partners with special discounts available only to members. 



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