Ambassador Program

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We're looking for ladies-in-crime who want to help build a community to support and empower their fellow sisters in their city. Organizing committees are responsible for hosting town halls four times a year, coffee meetups, and happy hours. We're looking for women who can specifically help with sponsorship + partnerships, social media, event production, and moderating.

We give you everything you need to run an amazing event and we'll even compensate you - because well, ladies need to get paid :)

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What does it mean to be an ambassador?

You are an integral part of our community. We have members all over the world but up until now, we've only hosted town halls in New York. It's time to change that. In order to expand to other cities, we're looking for incredible women who will represent Ladies Get Paid, be our biggest cheerleaders, and help rally women to stand up for themselves and learn the tools they need to advance their careers. 

Your main responsibility will be to organize at least six town halls throughout the year and we'll rely on you to tell us what's going on in your city and how we can do more to support each other.


what are my responsibilities?

  • Find a space to hold up to 100 women, preferably with chairs and A/V system
  • Suggest speakers
  • Identify and approach like-minded organizations who can help promote
  • Coordinate with venue 
  • Find food and bev sponsors
  • Spread the word
  • Find a photographer
  • Help with day-of setup and breakdown
  • Recruit two people to help day-of, including check-in
  • Tweet during event
  • Write a recap for our blog (or find someone who can!)


what does lgp hq help with?

  • Give you script to use when doing outreach
  • Help prep speakers
  • Create town hall invitation (and we'll give you a shout out!)
  • Promote on LGP channels 
  • Post an interview with you for our blog


what qualities are you looking for in an ambassador?

Hustler. Detail oriented. Committed. Feminist. Fun.



It's crucial that men be our allies and that we work together to achieve more diversity in leadership. That being said, only women - and anyone who identifies as a woman - are eligible to be an ambassador.

but i've never run a town hall before!

No worries. We'll be here every step of the way to make sure you're completely familiar with how to run a successful town hall. We'll break everything down with tips and tricks we've learned from doing so many in New York. 


i really want to help but i'm afraid i might get busy...

We thought you might say that. If you become our ambassador, you'll get access to a Dropbox with everything you could possibly want, including a script of talking points you can use when doing outreach to venues, speakers, etc. But if you think you might get overwhelmed, give us a heads up as soon as possible.



You'll get a small budget upfront and we'll split the profits from ticket sales with you. We know ladies need to get paid :)



Being an ambassador is an important job and we want to support you as much as possible. You'll get access to a private Slack group just for ambassadors and we'll also give you a discount code for all LGP workshops, webinars, as well as our conference in May. You'll also be top of mind if we hear of any job opportunities.