Peace out, 2017 ✌️


By Claire Wasserman 

I've been writing and rewriting this message, trying to adequately express my gratitude for you. This year has been difficult - both personally, professionally, and politically - and you have supported us throughout.  Whether you attended our events, liked our posts on Instagram, or simply opened this newsletter, your presence was felt and we appreciate you.  

You showed up. You asked for a raise. You advocated for yourself. You've helped the other women in our community (and me), more times than I can count.

Speaking of counting, here's some numbers we're proud to share:

322,269  Slack messages  

8,371  Event sign ups  

236  Speakers + instructors

128  Events hosted

86  Ambassadors

17 LGP chapters

1  Conference

0  Fucks given

Full transparency: when I look at those numbers, I only see how much more there is to be done. As an ambitious woman and recovering perfectionist, I find it's sometimes difficult to stop and acknowledge all the good work that I've done. 

So if I can give you one piece of advice for 2018, it is to truly and deeply be proud of yourself. Don't wait for some great achievement, and don't rely on the praise of others.

Find the tiniest things you've done during the day that you can be proud of and say it out loud. As I've learned, this is something you'll have to continuously remind yourself. Sometimes you have to practice being proud.

And on that note, 2018: Expect us. We're coming for you.

Now go get paid.

x Claire and Team LGP

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