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How to Handle Microaggressions in the Workplace (Webinar)

**8-9pm ET / Everyone who registers will receive a recording.*

Whether it's an offensive comment or being spoken over during a meeting, many women face microaggressions in the workplace on a regular basis. Microaggressions are the everyday slight, insults, and indignities targeted at people of marginalized groups, which often go unnoticed. While these words and actions can be unintentional, women should feel empowered to respond and react. In this webinar, participants will learn how to productively handle microaggressions against women.

Please note this webinar does not cover harassment or blatant discrimination, and will discuss microaggressions specifically against women.

In this webinar we'll go over: 

  • What microaggressions are and how they affect people subjected to them
  • How to approach conversations addressing microaggressions with confidence, empathy, and the right mindset
  • Strategies for responding to microaggressions, whether they are directed at you or a fellow female colleague
  • How to deliver these difficult messages in the most effective way possible
  • How to be an ally to colleagues and friends experiencing microaggressions, and make sure to not use them yourself.

Who this webinar is best for:

Those who identify as women or allies!

Attendees will receive:

A recap document with research, strategies, and an overview of what was covered.


About the instructor:

This workshop is led by Jen Jamula and Allison Goldberg, co-founders of GoldJam. The GoldJam Creative team coaches communication skills – such as public speaking, giving and receiving feedback, effective communication, women empowerment, and more - to individuals and companies, including Spotify, Time Warner, Buzzfeed, Penguin Random House, and American Express. Jen and Alli ( are also comedians, who were ranked among the "top ten funniest women in NYC" and whose comedy projects have been featured in WIRED, Forbes, Newsweek, Vice, among others. Check them out at