How to Define Success in Work and Life

How to Define Success in Work and Life


Success is something we all strive for in one way or another, yet it's also such a broad and elusive thing. What is success exactly, and how do we measure success? While we tend to ascribe to a certain definition of success that is "socially accepted," this webinar will encourage you to define success on your own terms by digging into the core elements of Positive Psychology.

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Who is this best for?

This workshop is best for you if you're feeling stuck in any area of your life. It can be especially helpful if social comparison has you reeled into patterns of self-doubt and low confidence, or if you're questioning whether you're on the "right" path.

Key takeaways include: 

  • Understand the core elements of the "Theory of Flourishing"
  • Shift your perspective on what success means to you
  • Identify ways to take action towards your goals
  • Remove obstacles standing in your way of achieving success

Students will receive:

  • Recording of the webinar
  • Intention-setting worksheet

About the instructor:

Tallia Deljou is the co-founder of Mavenly + Co., dedicated to helping professional women design a career and life with purpose. With a Master's degree in Positive Organizational Psychology, Tallia brings a strengths-based approach to thriving in the workplace. By encouraging a mindset rooted in values, her work helps women redefine success for themselves so they can take ownership over their work and life. Website: