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You Are Not a Fraud

Join educator and seasoned Career Coach, Stephanie Breslin for this Ladies Hangout where we'll learn how to begin to recognize and overcome Imposter Syndrome (the internalization that you are a 'fraud' and are unable to internalize your accomplishments). Discover how to stop perfectionism and procrastination which can undermine your success. Explore common coping mechanisms “impostors” use to avoid being “found out” and how they work for and against you. Learn how race, class and gender can contribute to feelings of intellectual inferiority.  You will receive a link to the Google Hangout a few days prior to the class. Ladies Get Paid members only.




About Ladies Hangout
This is a Google Hangout for 10 women from around the world to learn through facilitated conversation. Because of the limited number of participants, the goal is to get more individualized attention, form deeper connections, and hopefully continue as a support group with the other women.