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Salary Negotiation 101

At Ladies Get Paid, we believe the first step in effecting change is through educating and empowering ourselves. When it comes to negotiating though, many of us still struggle. This 4-week online course will change that.

This class is for those who are serious about getting paid what they deserve - and willing to do the hard work that gets them there. Our program will not only give you the talking points but also the courage to use them. We match you with other students to share your challenges, practice your pitches, and continue to support you after the last day of class. We'll also have special guest lectures by some of our favorite lady heroes :)

Launching February 6th, this program consists of 2-hour webinars hosted every Monday at 7pm EST. Between classes, you are expected to touch base through Slack or Google Hangout with your accountability group and be ready to share your responses to the homework assignments by next class. If you have to skip a class, there'll be a recording of the session plus notes.

The course includes:

  • 10 hours of live webinar
  • Session recordings
  • Accountability groups
  • Talking points + takeaways
  • Recommended reading
  • Homework assignments
  • Guest lectures

What you won't get:

  • Jargon or overly academic language: we'll translate all that data and research for you so we can stay focused on things you're going through and what you can actually do about it.
  • Passive listening: we believe that education is best when it's active so be ready to share in your accountability groups. 
  • Negotiation practice beyond salary. There's so much to cover when it comes to negotiating so we think it's most effective to stay focused within salary negotiations, whether it's for a new job or in a current one. 

Trust us when we say: you have more power than you think.  Becoming a great negotiator can be as straightforward as understanding the market, articulating your strengths, and crafting an empathetic and compelling argument. Sometimes you just need a bit of guidance. Let's get you paid.

About the instructor
Claire Wasserman is the Founder of Ladies Get Paid and a lifelong negotiator (or as she likes to say, "charismatic harasser.)" She's negotiated hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of brand sponsorship deals and has worked in the recruitment/career development industry for the past four years. Claire is particularly passionate about helping women advocate for their value to help close the leadership and wage gap.



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