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Webinar: Advocating for Yourself

The year is coming to a close and performance reviews are looming. Are you ready to be your own best advocate? Or, better yet, do you know how to advocate for yourself throughout the year so that annual review is a breeze?

In this webinar, Lydia Bowers, Founder of the HR Q&A Website Dear People Ops, Content Strategist at the Conflict Coaching Startup Bravely and a graduate student in Human Resources at Cornell University, will teach you best practices for getting recognition for the kick-a** project you lead, to nominating yourself for a promotion, to owning your ideas in a meeting.

In short, the ability to advocate for yourself to make sure you receive the rewards you deserve for your hard work and skill.

Topics we'll cover:

1. Why you need to advocate for yourself
2. Key skills
3. Timing & tone
4. Practice makes perfect

You will receive:

1. A recording of the webinar
2. Recommended reading
3. Advocating exercises

Who should take this class?

This class is for anyone who ever felt overlooked in their workplace. We will show you how to advocate for yourself, and leave you with practice activities to gain confidence so you're prepared the next time you need to be your own wing-woman.

About the instructor

Lydia Bowers is the founder of Dear People Ops, a Q&A style resource for startup employees and people operations professionals looking for answers to their HR questions and resources to support employee relations, professional development and company growth. She develops customized people operations strategies for companies and coaches individuals on the tools they need to advocate for themselves and their career goals. She received her masters from Cornell in Industrial Labor Relations, with a Human Resources and Organizations concentration.

How to access the webinar
You will receive an email the day-of with the link to watch. Not able to attend? We'll send you a recording.

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