Can men be involved?

While we love us some man allies but for the time being, all of our speakers, instructors, and speakers are for all those who identify as women. Once in awhile we will host a social gathering for all genders so keep a lookout for those. 

Best way you can help us is spreading the word.


I noticed all of your events are in New york. I don’t live there, can i still be a member?

Absolutely! Though we are currently focusing on New York, we  plan to bring our events to other cities in the coming months. That being said, you can still participate through the Slack group, webinars, Google Hangouts, listening to our podcast, reading our town hall recaps on the blog.

Can I organize a town hall?

Yes! Well, not quite yet. We’re still perfecting our town halls here in New York but hope in the coming months to roll out a program where any woman, anywhere can organize her own town hall, following our guidelines. In the meantime, fill out this questionnaire if you’re interested in being an ambassador and you’ll get first dibs on becoming one of the leaders of town halls in your city.


I want to help. 

Awesome! We’re looking for folks to help us with the following:




Is it free to join?

Yep. Totally free.


Why should I sign up?

Because you’re pissed that we make less money than men and you believe in women helping women.


is your programming always about money?

Nope. We see money as another word for value and our curriculum is dedicated to helping women recognize and advocate for their value. Because money equals power, the wage gap was our starting off point for a larger conversation around ways women are discriminated against and what we can do to change that.


Is ladies get paid for creatives-only?

Though our background is in advertising and design, It’s important for us to be inclusive of all women, no matter their background, industry, or stage of their career. If you identify as a women, we welcome you!