Introducing LADY TALK, a new podcast from Ladies Get Paid


As of now, all the Ladies Get Paid events are currently in New York. We host town halls, workshops, breakfast, happy hours with puppies, the list goes on. All that is awesome for the community here but kind of a bummer for anyone who signs up from another city. 

We've been busy exploring ways we can bring you programming now and we're debuting with our brand spankin' new podcast, Lady Talk. We know what you're thinking: another podcast?! Before you completely eye roll, take a listen. Our podcast focuses on interviews with our workshop instructors, giving you key takeaways from class. Our goal is to inspire and educate so if you don't finish the episode having learnt something, we'll give you a refund. Just kidding! No refund needed, 'cause it's free. 

For our debut episode, we interviewed Alison Taffel Rabinowitz, the Head Mistress at The Finishing School, a bespoke educational organization. She was a speaker at our Departures town hall as well as the instructor for our Negotiate Like a Boss Lady workshop.

In this episode, we break down negotiation best practices, including all the Do's and Don'ts when it comes to asking for a raise. This episode's key takeaways include:

  • What to say when they ask you your salary
  • How to respond when they low ball you
  • How to use an alternative offer as leverage
  • How to negotiate if you're just entering the workplace
  • What NOT to say when you receive an offer

So press that button below - your next negotiation is depending on it.