Website makeover = existential crisis?


I've known for a while that I needed to update the Ladies Get Paid website.

I pushed it to the back of my mind; it seemed too daunting, too overwhelming, too time-consuming. I knew it wasn't going to be just about where to put the sign up button, but rather a reckoning of who we are so that we can communicate it well. 

As an entrepreneur, you have to face your business with all of its flaws and be vulnerable enough to admit when things aren't working.

But I finally did it. I sat down with people I trust and went through everything, line by line, image by image. It was tough. It was also liberating. As uncomfortable as it was, forcing myself to distill Ladies Get Paid down into an elevator pitch, helped clarify our core mission and the work we want to accomplish.

As we grow, we'll have to constantly re-evaluate the business and getting perspective from others is crucial. Your business may be your baby but you don't always know best. The biggest lesson I learned through this process was that I needed to let go of the fear of critical feedback and that I had to be willing to evolve. 

I hope this helps you in whatever you're doing and wherever you're at, both at work and in life. Don't be afraid to pull the blinders off, you might just discover yourself.

Now go get paid.

x Claire

PS Major thanks to LGP member Danielle Vogl for making our site beautiful :)