Want to attend the badass Ladies Get Paid conference? How to get your boss to say yes


We’re kicking off our highly anticipated Ladies Get Paid 2018 conference series in the great Pacific Northwest! YASS Queens of Seattle, we’re coming for you with more grit and grace than ever before! 

You’re a career-driven, ambitious woman sitting at your desk driving yourself crazy thinking about how you are going to pitch this to your boss to get your company to pay for your ticket. Let’s be real: asking for money can be awkward. Don’t worry, we got you!

Here are some talking points you can use to pitch this as an opportunity to bring value to your company:

Gain skills

The common denominator for the world’s most successful people in the world is to be a perpetual student. Continually learning is the key for any professional to grow and excel in their career. Get Money Get Paid has a robust program of workshops and interactive discussions to help you not only address workplace challenges, but gain the tools to overcome them. The more knowledge and skills you have under your belt, the more valuable you’ll be to your company.

Gain exposure for your company

2018 is the glow up year for women! If you are winning, your company is winning. Get Money Get Paid will be a high visibility event with a ton of PR opportunities for your company to leverage. We will have an event photographer, a full-time social media strategist, and a marketing team to make sure this event is on brand. You have an opportunity to use this event to promote on your company’s social media accounts or even to write a blog about your experience at LGP. This is a great recruitment tool to secure top talent in the city and to showcase the company culture, of how it supports it’s employees in and outside of the office. So let’s all glow up together!

Increase your network and become a leader in the community

Imagine being in a room full of Seattle’s most talented, badass women just like YOU. It is truly a magical and empowering experience. Every single individual in that room will there for the same purpose: to make connections with like-minded women. Though Get Money Get Paid, you will have access to these powerful connections that can grow into fruitful relationships, whether it’s a new client or collaborator You’ll be able to connect with women from different levels, industries and backgrounds which you can use to help leverage yourself in your career or for potential strategic partnerships for your company. If you are able to show your company that you were able to coalition build as a representative of the company, you will be able to solidify yourself as a leader.  

Get inspired

Sometimes working in an office can be grueling and often uninspiring, especially in a male-dominated environment where mansplaining runs rampant. Fortunately, we have a powerhouse group of speakers and instructors who will inspire and kick you into high gear. You’ll will gain insight into the different worlds and a whole new perspective that will fuel your fire. After Get Money Get Paid, you’ll walk back into the office feeling more confident and empowered than ever before. A happier, inspired you is a more productive you!

Remember these tips, make the pitch, and we’ll see you there! ;)