We heard you. We're sorry.

Thanks to everyone who wrote us feedback on our call for blog submissions in return for free Ladies Get Paid classes instead of monetary payment. We understand why we upset so many of you. You're doing exactly what we taught you to do. We're sorry we let you down.

We've always tried to be open and honest with you, which we'll continue to do here, and we'll walk you through our thought process and some context.

We're a 2.5 person startup with no funding. We host most of our events for free, and keep our prices low to be as inclusive as possible. It may be small, but we pay all of our ambassadors and all of our speakers a profit share of any tickets sold at our events, and we believe that we should.

We've committed to upholding the values we preach, and believe everyone else should too. We've also discovered this makes it hard for us to pay our bills and grow Ladies Get Paid.

We don't have the ability to pay market rate for folks to write for us. We don't have a blog because we can't afford it. We do have the ability to offer classes for free. We know we don't get what we don't pay for, but if there were folks who felt like that was a fair trade, we'd be happy to have them, and wanted to put out that opportunity.

We know Ladies Get Paid is something that is deeply needed, and we want to continue doing this important work. We hope you'll keep having a dialogue with us when we make mistakes, and that you'll answer our questions when we ask them. We hope you'll be patient with us while we figure out how to keep this going.

x Claire & Ashley

Claire Wasserman