✨Announcing our podcast (re)launch! ✨

Episodes produced + edited by  Jhernie Evangelista  and  Hannah Rothblatt . Design by  Danielle Vogl

Episodes produced + edited by Jhernie Evangelista and Hannah Rothblatt. Design by Danielle Vogl

We have exciting news. Our podcast, Lady Talk, is baaaaaack! After a bit of a hiatus, we've returned in full force. Lady Talk will showcase our workshop instructors as well as interviews with lady heroes who share candid stories about their career trials and tribulations. 

Our debut episode is with Priya Malini, co-founder of Stash Weath, a modern financial planning firm. She drops some serious knowledge on how to choose the best credit credits and why budgets don't work. 

As a special bonus, Ladies Get Paid members can take $100 off the Stash Plan®. You must pre-qualify by taking the Am I A H.E.N.R.Y.™ quiz or booking a complimentary intro call.

Stay tuned for more episodes :)

Now go get paid.

x Claire

PS International Women's Day is March 8th and Ladies Get Paid chapters across the country are hosting rad events. Check 'em out below.