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From Child Actor to Founder

Just the other day we took refuge from the heat inside the dimly lit café, Black Brick Coffee, in Williamsburg to meet with Claire Wasserman. Wasserman was already there when we arrived, sporting her trademark cat-eye and tapping away on her phone — no doubt strategizing and networking even on-the-go. Claire is a modern renaissance woman if there ever was one. She is also proof that – no matter what your parents said – Bill Gates isn’t the only successful college dropout. 

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Member Spotlight: Eva Goicochea

Eva's leap into the entrepreneurial unknown didn't happen overnight and after a few more stints of working for others, she finally went full-time to run her own design company, eg studio. Along the way, she also amassed a pretty sizable Instagram following. In our first Member Spotlight, we give you a sneak peek into Eva's world. 

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Stop sabotaging yourself

My constant worrying about the “what ifs” and “buts” is a common part of the female ethos, one that makes up so much a part of our social and political identity, it’s difficult at times to even identify a separate sense of self, and one that has the grim potential to make us question our own abilities and ideas to the point of self-sabotaging.

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