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From Child Actor to Founder

Just the other day we took refuge from the heat inside the dimly lit café, Black Brick Coffee, in Williamsburg to meet with Claire Wasserman. Wasserman was already there when we arrived, sporting her trademark cat-eye and tapping away on her phone — no doubt strategizing and networking even on-the-go. Claire is a modern renaissance woman if there ever was one. She is also proof that – no matter what your parents said – Bill Gates isn’t the only successful college dropout. 

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How a Stolen Passport Changed One Woman's Journey

We sat down with Creative Director and Designer, Lucia Orlandi, to discuss what it's like making the transition to New York as an immigrant and creative. Get to know a bit about Lucia before she shares her personal reinvention story at our town hall in New York City on Thursday, March 9, 2017. 

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