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Not so great with self-care? Join our Instagram Live with Girls Night In πŸ’†

To help me learn how to properly relax, I recruited the Queen of Self-Care herself, Alisha Ramos, the founder of Girls Night In. GNI is a weekly newsletter that gives reading recommendations and top tips on how to properly self-care.

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From Child Actor to Founder

Just the other day we took refuge from the heat inside the dimly lit cafΓ©, Black Brick Coffee, in Williamsburg to meet with Claire Wasserman. Wasserman was already there when we arrived, sporting her trademark cat-eye and tapping away on her phone β€” no doubt strategizing and networking even on-the-go. Claire is a modern renaissance woman if there ever was one. She is also proof that – no matter what your parents said – Bill Gates isn’t the only successful college dropout. 

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Member Spotlight: Eva Goicochea

Eva's leap into the entrepreneurial unknown didn't happen overnight and after a few more stints of working for others, she finally went full-time to run her own design company, eg studio. Along the way, she also amassed a pretty sizable Instagram following. In our first Member Spotlight, we give you a sneak peek into Eva's world. 

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