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My boss only wanted to hire "pretty girls" and I didn't speak up

I was one of the few women in the production crew. If the office hierarchy could be illustrated by a totem pole, I would have started out as one of the unglamorous but sturdy animals, like a beaver or a squirrel, the ones providing a fortifying nutritional base for the larger, sexier predators like eagles and foxes. The upper reaches consisted of all white dudes. 

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A Man Once Told Me 'Power' Is A Masculine Word

I practically felt my legs forcing me to stand as I blurted out, "Excuse me? You think 'power' is a masculine word? Where does it say that in the dictionary?" The room was frozen. The males lowered their heads down not knowing how to respond. The one female in the room and I looked around, readying ourselves for some sort of logical explanation in the madness of this statement.

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