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5 Things To Know About Salary Before You Ask For A Raise

Whether you’re asking for a raise or a promotion, discussing salary is complicated. Salary is more than just a number. It’s your value, your worth and your livelihood. It’s an emotional conversation that you don’t want to dive into without doing your own due diligence.

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Speak Up & Give Less Fucks

The worst part about Imposter Syndrome is that we tend to believe we're the only ones who suffer from it. Our goal with this town hall was to show that a) we're not alone and b) there is strength in numbers. Over 100 women attended and together we shared not only our struggles but ways we can combat feeling like a fraud so we can give less fucks and GET THAT SEAT AT THE TABLE.

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Boundaries & burnout

It's hard to say no. Women often put everyone else before themselves which can be the fast track to burnout. At this town hall, we lit candles and really slowed things down. The big question of the night: when, where, and how do we draw the line between life and work? Maybe you're thinking, "I work for myself, I am my brand, it's not possible to separate the two." Or, "forget it, I'm already burnt out." 

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