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How to Build a Business Workshop: New York

  • Location to be announced (NYC) (map)

Unclear of how to best move your business/idea forward? Unsure if you're focusing on the right items/priorities? Join Alison Gilbert, business strategist and coach, for a workshop on what you need to know, what you need to plan, and what you need to focus on in order to build your business in the way that's right for you. Limited capacity.

Key takeaways:

  • Knowledge of the different phases and stages of business growth

  • The most important questions to ask along the way to stay on track as you grow

  • A framework for how to plan and strategize as you build your business

  • Immediate actions steps you can take to move forward from you are currently at with your business/idea

Who this class is best for:

You should take this class if you are a solopreneur and/or entrepreneur who has an idea and/or have a strong inkling of your idea and looking for guidance on the next steps to take to grow.

About the instructor:

Alison Gilbert is a pastry chef turned COO turned founder of business strategy consultancy, Project AG. Alison's helped scale media companies, guide tech product pivots, grow consultancies, launch commerce and fashion brands, optimize operations for retail businesses and has guided many independents as they navigate the transition from solopreneurship to full-fledged entrepreneurship. She still loves to bake and geeks out over all things introspection and self-discovery. #process. Read more at