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Self Care Strategies for Avoiding Burnout

Self Care doesn't just mean pampering - it means discussing your work with your partner, making time for yourself and your loved ones, and managing stress at work. This workshop teaches Business Babes how to infuse their lives with Self Care even when things are at their busiest.

Key takeaways:

  • Get past your imposter syndrome
  • Learn to listen to your gut
  • Manage your stress even when time is limited
  • Learn how to discuss your career with your partner
  • Develop systems for handling work 'emergencies' without being swept away
  • Work / Life Balance is real - and necessary

Who is this best for?

This workshop is for women in a leadership role in their careers, whether at a company, organization, or as an Entrepreneur.

About the instructor

Veronica Kirin is an Anthropologist turned Serial Entrepreneur. She is owner of the award winning GreenCup Website Services, author of Stories Of Elders (publishing 2018), and Entrepreneur Coach to LGBTQ Women. She is also the founder of the Fempreneur Forum, where women Entrepreneurs can build community and get Coached in workshops and Live Q&As. She lives in Grand Rapids with her cat Turbo. Find her at