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Instagram Live: Workplace Rights & Discrimination

Join WMN Legal Founder Sienna Babb and leading employment attorney Jennifer Pucher of
Pucher Law for an Instagram Live where they will discuss your questions about workplace
rights, the wage gap and discrimination.

Examples of some of the questions we might discuss:

  • What does the law say about Equal Pay?
  • Is it legal for my employer to pay me less than my male colleague even though we have the same title and do the same job? (or have the same responsibilities?)
  • What does the law consider to be discrimination?
  • I’ve noticed that my boss gives the better, more high-profile projects to the men on my team and gives the women inferior projects. Is this discrimination?
  • I am being denied projects and being left off of work trips because I am pregnant or a new mom and not able to travel as much. Is this discrimination?
  • What does the law consider to be harassment?
  • My boss is mean to me. Is this harassment?
  • What is the best way to work with Human Resources? I realize that they put the company first, so I am concerned that they won’t help or immediately bring the issue to my manager.
  • What if I don’t want to sue my company? Should I still work with an attorney and would my company know that I’ve hired a lawyer? How does this work?

About WMN Legal
WMN Legal helps professional women connect with trusted and vetted female attorneys based on their personal needs, budget and timeline.  We make the process of finding the right lawyer for you accessible, easy and fast. Our focus is on helping individuals so all attorneys in our network have their own practice or are at small firms, which means they don’t require expensive retainer fees to support you. As part of our mission, we provide legal knowledge to women to demystify topics such as workplace and family leave rights, divorce, starting a
business and estate planning.

About Sienna Babb, Founder @ WMN Legal
Prior to founding WMN Legal, Sienna spent her career in the corporate world working in male-dominated industries. As a business development executive, Sienna came in to work one day to find that management had hired a new head of business development. She was told her title would change and she would now make less money. Oh, and if she didn’t like these changes, she could leave…with nothing. She found herself asking “is this even legal”? After finding an amazing lawyer by pure luck after weeks of searching, phone calls and getting passed around, Sienna lawyered up and got through the worst career moment of her life. She decided to turn lemons into lemonade and started a company to give those in need of legal help a better, faster and more trusted way to find kick ass women attorneys. Sienna’s mission is let women arm themselves with the resources and knowledge needed to make change happen.

About Jennifer Pucher, President & CEO of Pucher Law
Jennifer Pucher has over 15 years of experience practicing employment law. She passionately advises and guides employees and understands that employment matters are not always clear cut, not every employee wants or should sue and specializes in helping employees navigate these “grey areas” to get resolution. Prior to launching Pucher Law, Jennifer held positions at Paul Hastings, the top employment law firm in the country, and in the U.S. Supreme Court. Jennifer's employment law experience along with her courtroom battles have given her valuable insights on the system and how the “other side” operates. Her experiences allow her to assess legal issues from multiple angles to the benefit of her clients.

No Attorney-Client Privilege
No attorney-client privilege will be created from this Instagram Live so while we can’t give you legal advice, we will discuss common employment law questions we receive daily and dispel myths about the legal process that every employee should know.

How to access Instagram Live
Follow us @ladiesgetpaid and check out where we'll post the recording afterwards.