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Instagram Live: How to Incorporate Mindfulness Techniques at Work

**8-8:30pm ET**

No time for a seated silent meditation during the workday? No problem. If you eat, drink, walk or sit at work (and you do!) then you can fold mindfulness into your workday, boost your creativity and maximize your productivity. This Instagram Live is interactive and experiential, so while we can't see you, we'll be asking you to participate in your own home!

Key takeaways:

  1. What is mindfulness (and what isn't it)?
  2. How do meditation and mindfulness work inside the brain?
  3. Simple techniques to fold mindfulness into things you already do at work
  4. How to make small adjustments to some of the things you're doing at work to make them more mindful
  5. What things to consider eliminating at work that may not serve your creativity and productivity

Who should attend this Instagram Live:

You should take this class if you are thinking about how to add self care and stress relief into your workday and are having trouble finding the time to do it; if you have a yoga or meditation practice outside the office and want to learn how to bring it into the office; and if you're looking for ways to maximize your productivity and creativity at work.

About our guest:

Rebecca Kronman, LCSW, is a therapist and workshop facilitator. She has a private practice in Brooklyn, NY where she uses mindfulness techniques and somatic and experiential interventions to help her clients cope with issues such as depression, anxiety, substance abuse and life transitions. She facilitates workshops for creative businesses on folding mindfulness into the workday and tackling imposter syndrome.

How to access Instagram Live
Follow us @ladiesgetpaid and check out where we'll post the recording afterwards.