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Get Paid: How to Negotiate Your Salary (Webinar)

**8-9pm ET / We will send a recording to everyone who registers**

Hands down, we think this is the best salary negotiation class you'll find. We know that's a bold statement but we are that confident. This is for anyone at any stage of their career, whether they're negotiating for a new job or at a current one. If you are serious about getting to the next level and being paid what you're worth, there's no reason you should be leaving money on the table. Let's get you paid what you deserve

Key takeaways:

  1. Get into the right frame of mind
  2. Understand your market value (aka how much to charge and why!)
  3. Pick the range of numbers you'll come prepared with
  4. How to still make your case if they don't have the budget
  5. Learn to brag about your accomplishments and how to tie it to their bottom line
  6. Exercises to help you relieve anxiety
  7. Go over different negotiation scenarios + what to do
  8. Understand gender based biases + how to combat them
  9. Role play exercises
  10. Bonus: Set yourself up for salary success so you can be making your case all throughout the year

You will receive:

  1. Scripts for various scenarios
  2. Recommended resources
  3. Role play exercises


About the instructor:

Claire Wasserman is a career coach, community builder and an advocate for women in the workplace. She founded Ladies Get Paid, an organization that gives women the tools and support they need to rise up in their careers. Since launching over a year ago, LGP has grown to 10,000+ members from all 50 states and more than 50 countries. She is a frequent speaker and moderator, focusing on challenges women face at their jobs. Claire is currently touring the country, hosting town halls for women to talk about self-worth, work, and getting paid.



  • "I joined LGP because I was desperate for advice, help and solidarity after an unsuccessful salary negotiation. I learned SO much from all of you and went into my negotiation this time around with confidence and pulled off an $11,000 raise!"
  • "In the 'How to Ask for a Raise' session I realized I was about to ask for less than I deserved based on how I was hired, not my current output. That session was the difference of a $15,000 raise."
  • I found out I was making less than other employees at my level here. I used that and everything else you shared to negotiate and am happy with where I landed. I've shared so much of what I learned to other women and hope to LITERALLY pay it forward."