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Become the CFO of Your Life (Webinar)


Tired of being shamed by baby boomers who think your latte habit is keeping you from buying a house? Do you feel like the American education system failed to provide you with practical tools, like how to file taxes? Does your parents’ well-intentioned advice feel outdated? Have you faced analysis paralysis when making financial decisions due to the overwhelming amount of information on the internet? Do you avoid talking about finances altogether, because you don’t want to reveal how little you know?

Ladies, know this... you are not alone and there are no dumb questions. This presentation and question session will address all aspects of personal finance: spending, saving, investing, credit, and debt.

You will walk away from the evening reinvigorated to tackle your finances head-on, with a host of new tools at your disposal. Most importantly, you will meet dozens of other women ready to cheer you on as you become the CFO of your life.

About the Instructor:

Christin Price, creator of Free the Nickel, is not your average finance bro. She was first introduced to the world of consumer finance via the Big Short, working on billion dollar lawsuits stemming from the 2008 financial crisis. From there, she co-founded an online mortgage startup, then moved to San Francisco to join an a16z-funded startup developing a new asset class in the real estate space. Today, she manages the money strategy of a local Series C data analytics platform. In her free time, she pumps out content for (@freethenickel), offers personalized 1v1 financial coaching, and can be found weekends hanging off rock walls in Yosemite. She is a strong advocate for personal health, and believes financial wellness is intricately intertwined with overall physical and mental wellbeing.

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