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Heal Your Relationship With Money (Webinar)

**Webinar is from 6-7pm ET and will be recorded**

Financial healing is the first step to building long-term wealth and true financial confidence, but many of us overlook this crucial step and find ourselves battling cycles of financial dysfunction all of our lives. This webinar will will free you to step into money confidence. 

Key takeaways: 

  •  A clear understanding of the impact of their childhood financial identity on their current money behavior.

  • Create an empathic lens to re-evaluate the money messages and stories they tell themselves.

  • Develop a preliminary plan of action to redefine and rewrite their money stories and behaviors to more thoughtful and empowering ones. 

About the instructor

Kara Stevens is the founder of the award-winning site The Frugal Feminista and author of  three powerful personal finance and personal development resources for brown girls worldwide Heal Your Relationship with Money: A Self-Care Workbook, Unmasking The Strong Black Woman, and The Wealthy Woman's Blueprint Financial Planner.

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