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How to Move from Side Hustle to Full-Time ‘Preneuer (New York)

  • Luminary 1204 Broadway New York, NY 10001 United States (map)

Unclear of how to best move from side hustle to full-time ‘preneurship? Join Alison Gilbert, business strategist, coach, and founder, for a group strategy workshop to help you plan your move from side hustle to full-on building a business.

During the workshop, Alison will answer your most pressing questions as you navigate the transition from side hustler to full-time solo/entrepreneur. You walk away with your individual questions answered and learnings and connections from each other’s experiences.

There is a cap of 10 women for this to allow for maximum quality time together.

Key takeaways:

  1. Introduction to the phases and stages of business growth

  2. Answer to *your* most pressing questions as you navigate the transition from side hustler to full-time business building

  3. New connections from women to support you as you make your moves

Who this is best for: 
You should take this class if you are a solopreneur and/or entrepreneur who has an idea and/or have a strong inkling of your idea and looking for guidance on the next steps to take to grow.

About the instructor
Alison Gilbert is the founder of The Big Whisper, a platform on a mission to increase the number of women-led businesses generating $1MM+ each year. She's also the founder and lead strategist of strategy consultancy, Project AG, dedicated to helping women entrepreneurs turn their vision into growth. Gilbert's coached, consulted, advised and workshopped with over 150 women entrepreneurs building businesses in media, fashion, tech, design, and food.

About the space

Luminary is New York City’s premier collaboration hub for women and women-identified who are passionate about professional development and expanding their networks. It is a refuge for the curious, the ambitious, the connectors, and the change agents. It is the ultimate career advocate for women-identified providing the professional coaching and social community needed to thrive. Learn more at