How to Form Healthy Habits and Be Productive

How to Form Healthy Habits and Be Productive


This one-of-a-kind webinar will allow participants to examine their current habits and how they shape their productivity and well-being. After completing a thorough assessment as well as setting goals that meet their self-determined definition of success, the participants will learn how they can used behavioral science to troubleshoot barriers to healthy habit formation, identify healthy alternatives to negative practices, implement positive habits that foster a better work-life balance, and build a plan for accountability and maintenance.

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Key takeaways:

  • Understand the basics of behavioral science and how it affect the mindset for professional success and personal fulfillment
  • Assess and examine current habits
  • Troubleshoot barriers to healthy habit formation
  • Identify healthy alternatives to negative practices
  • Implement positive habits that foster better work-life balance
  • Develop a plan for accountability and maintenance


Who is this workshop for?

A professional in a high-stress work environment or an entrepreneur.

About the instructor

Vanessa Mason is the creator of Healthy Hustle Habits, a coaching accelerator for overstressed overachievers so they can reach the next level of success. Healthy Hustle Habits offers services that improve productivity and performance via workshops and coaching based on behavioral science. Read more at