How to Overcome Your Imposter Syndrome and Embrace Your Self-Worth

How to Overcome Your Imposter Syndrome and Embrace Your Self-Worth


Imposter Syndrome is the nagging feeling that you're not good enough. That despite your external success, you're somehow a fraud and will one day be found out. That you're still "faking it to make it" and you're unworthy of praise. Fuck that.

This webinar will give you tools to combat Imposter Syndrome so you deeply believe in your value and can better advocate for yourself at work and in your life.

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What is Imposter Syndrome?

  • Understand how we’re socialized

  • Learn the effects Imposter Syndrome has in the workplace

How to combat it

  • Let go of perfectionism

  • How to not take things personally

  • Learn to be kind to yourself

Advocate for yourself

  • Understand and articulate your wins

  • Know your inalienable powers

  • Present with power

About the instructor:

Claire Wasserman is a community builder and an advocate for women in the workplace. She founded Ladies Get Paid, an organization that gives women the tools and support they need to rise up in their careers. Since launching over a year ago, LGP has grown to almost 20,000+ members from all 50 states and more than 50 countries. She is a frequent speaker and moderator, focusing on challenges women face at their jobs. Claire is currently touring the country, hosting town halls for women to talk about self-worth, work, and getting paid.