It takes a village


Claire Wasserman
Founder, Chief Brand Officer

Claire Wasserman is a career coach, dedicated to helping women thrive at work. 

Claire has collaborated with Nike, WeWork, and Squarespace and was chosen as one of Bumble’s 100 Most Inspiring New Yorkers. She is on the Well + Good Council, and is the producer and host of the podcast, Lady Talk.

Prior to Ladies Get Paid, Claire was the Director of Marketing a Working Not Working, a curated network of creative professionals. She was also the editor of Amaphiko, Red Bull's platform for social entrepreneurs.

 Last year, Claire traveled across US hosting town halls for thousands of women to talk about money, work, and self-worth. She is currently writing a book about her experience.

Learn more about Claire at and follow her on Instagram: @claireloves_you.

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Ashley Louise
Co-Founder, CEO

Ashley Louise graduated from Cornell University in 2010 with a focus on economics, negotiation and business management, skills she took with her as a grassroots fundraiser for various civil rights and environmental non profits like the Human Rights Campaign and the Sierra Club. She then spent the next six years at various tech companies, most recently heading up business development at Vimeo.

An avid pantsuit enthusiast, Ashley is extraordinarily passionate about women's rights, especially equal pay, and has been featured in publications like Forbes and Bustle.


Allie Mullen
Business Development & Project Manager

Allie Mullen manages projects, partnerships, and marketing.

She previously consulted female founders and their companies including inLieu and PepTalkHer to grow their businesses through marketing strategy and partnerships. She also spent time at the startup, Mogul spearheading brand strategy and pioneered their first-ever conference, Mogul X, which sold out and had 600 attendees. She got her career start in advertising, working several years on the global Business Development team for TBWA, leading executives through a pitch process to secure million-dollar businesses for the agency portfolio.

Allie has an immense passion for empowering women through leadership and education. She has spoken at Yale’s Women in Leadership Conference and was also selected as a 2018 Forbes Fellow as someone creating social change.


Danielle Vogl

Danielle Vogl is a designer and illustrator from Pittsburgh, currently living in New York.

She recently moved to New York from the beautiful state of Vermont where she lived the past 11 years. She loves working on projects that align with her passions, which include food, health and wellness—and, of course, helping women advocate for their worth.



Hannah Rothblatt
Lady Talk Co-Producer

Hannah Rothblatt is a comedy writer living, working, complaining, checking her phone, holding onto her purse, barely sleeping, and laughing to herself on the subway in New York City. She works for money as a digital marketer at Comedy Central and is passionate about telling women’s stories and experiences through irony and laughter, like here. Hannah graduated with a B.A. in Art History from Carleton College, where she met her Lady Talk co-producer and bestie, Jhernie Evangelista.

Hannah is also the co-writer of the upcoming web-series, Impodsters, about a group of friends who pretend to create a podcast. You can follow her on Instagram @babkabebe or into any Trader Joe’s so long as you are willing to help carry groceries.


Jhernie Evangelista
Lady Talk Co-Producer

Jhernie Evangelista is a freelance video editor based in New York City. Originally from Hawai'i, she migrated East to follow a passion for the arts. Recognizing the need for representation, both behind and in front of the camera, she began to combat disparities in tech and media through her work in Virtual Reality. She received her BA from Carleton College in Cinema and Media Studies with a focus in Cognitive Science and has since specialized in nonfiction, promotional pieces, and virtual reality content.

As a proud native Hawaiian she believes her cultural background lends her a keen eye for storytelling nuance and integrity. Her personal work has shown at Independent Filmmaking Project Minnesota and the Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Film Festival, and she is currently working on a documentary highlighting the need for support and recognition in queer women’s healthcare.


Christina Barry-Simmons
Negotiation Instructor (Portland)

Christina Barry-Simmons is a skilled finance and sustainability strategist committed to creating innovative solutions for mission-driven organizations that are driving local, national and global change.

A passion for gender equity has led her to start a blog Women & Money and her own business Asset: Sustainable Money & You. Christina became a Ladies Get Paid PDX ambassador because she wants to “close the damn wage gap in my lifetime.” She is excited to teach the skills to get the raises we deserve.


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Morgan Fletcher
Negotiation Instructor (New York)

Morgan Fletcher is a cultural producer and digital marketer with a specialty in the arts.

She is passionate about supporting women, trans and non-gender conforming individuals as they pursue their career and creative goals, and serves as East Coast Co-Director of Art Girl Army, as a Salary Negotiation Workshop Leader for Ladies Get Paid, and as a member of the Planned Parenthood Activist Council NYC. She also dedicates her time to teaching embroidery classes, voice-over work, and studying languages (French, Italian, and Arabic, so far).


Tallia Deljou
Negotiation Instructor (Atlanta)

Tallia Deljou is the co-founder of Mavenly + Co., dedicated to helping professional women design a career and life with purpose.

With a Master’s degree in Positive Organizational Psychology, Tallia brings a strengths-based approach to thriving in the workplace. By encouraging a mindset rooted in values, her work helps women redefine success for themselves. She joined LGP because the need for real conversations about women, work, and worth is greater than ever, and equipping women with the tools they need to get what they deserve is the first step.


Amanda Fakhreddine Goedde
Negotiation Instructor (Boston)

Amanda Fakhreddine Goedde is a content creating professional, who works to inspire others to live their best life.

As publication editor and master fitness instructor in the Greater Boston Area, developing high quality results, standing her ground, and lifting others with her are her greatest accomplishments. She joined Ladies Get Paid because she saw an opportunity to learn and network with like-minded women in her city. Negotiations run in her blood - her father and mother taught her from a young age to never accept the first number, whether it was in a souk in Dubai or in the HR office. So when she was approached by Ladies Get Paid to teach women salary negotiation skills, she jumped at the opportunity.


Allegra Moet Brantly
Negotiation Instructor (Austin)

Allegra Moet Brantly's mission is to lead 1 Million women to $1 Million in net-worth. She is the founder of ElleFactor, a female financial society empowering women to get active with their money and ElleFactor Circles, intimate wealth-building accountability groups that teach women how to accelerate their financial lives. Allegra also founded the ATX chapter of Ladies Get Paid and is our Texas-based salary negotiation coach working to close the gender wage gap and advance women. Follow along on insta @the_ellefactor & @ladiesgetpaidatx


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