I attended the town hall a few weeks ago and I wanted to thank you so much. I accepted a full time job on Monday and negotiated a 12k signing bonus!!!!! I would have never had the courage if the discussions we had weren’t top of mind. The more we talk about this issue the bigger changes we will make. U r making a difference.
I attended the last LGP town hall about Departures because I have been severely frustrated at my job. I almost walked into my office Tuesday morning and threw in the towel....Thank you for the motivation, community and opportunity to hear from and be surrounded by invigorating and successful women.
I am more than 100% positive this is not unique to me, but I just want to let you know how much the support (moral, professional, otherwise) of this channel has helped me lately. It’s been tough for all of us to weather Trump’s bullshit, but this group of amazing women has really lifted me up and made me believe in the power of action. Plus, im getting network/job leads up the ass. SO THANK YOU!! The thing youre doing here is awesome.

I loved that many women pointed out how vital our female relationships are, alongside our relationships with male mentors. I appreciated hearing the sobering reality that you are your best ally and you cannot rely on others, female, male or non-conforming, to advocate on your behalf.

Since your talk, I’ve gotten my friends to be much more open when we talk about money, how much we’re making, how much we’re trying to make. This feels like the beginning of truly understanding our moment as next-gen feminists, and it’s exciting.

I haven’t been able to attend an event in NY yet, but I’ve been really inspired by what I’ve seen and it’s just awesome to know you’re all here. The fact that there are all these strong women together makes me feel a little better about dealing with all of the shit we have to deal with on a daily basis.

Ladies Get Paid was the perfect place to source creative talent for Luna bars especially since they are a brand for Women and only want to work with talented Women artists.

I’m just so excited this exists - I negotiated my salary very aggressively for the first time recently (after being totally screwed at my first full-time job on the salary front) and I hope other women are empowered to do the same.

I had the pleasure of attending the ‘Our Bill of Rights’ town hall last month and I wanted to reach out and tell you how much I enjoyed it. I left feeling inspired and empowered and I have carried that with me through today.

With the connections I have made through the Slack channel, I have reached out to numerous women that are Art Directors. From those initial emails, I made a solid connection with one woman. I have worked on three illustration assignments with her so far, totaling around $2400 of earned $$. All happening because of your channel. And it seems like these assignments will continue through the year. Thanks so much!

I finally just got a new job myself (signed the letter today so it’s offish) and it took so much negotiating on my part, I can’t even tell you — a true saga. I honestly thought throughout the whole process: “I feel bad, but I know that’s gendered, so I’m going to push for my value” and it ended up with me turning a PT offer into a FT position, and then from there, 13k higher in salary.

When you announced at the town hall that we were going to break out into small groups, my heart sank, as it always does when I know that I’m going to be put in a position where I am expected to participate. But when I got with my group there wasn’t a trace of anxiety and I was able to speak freely. I attribute that to it being all women. I don’t know why the lack of men had that affect but that’s definitely what it was. I just felt comfortable and I felt understood and it was a great feeling.

Just wanted to thank you for this incredible network. I’ve been dreaming of something like this. You did it! I’ve already connected with an illustrator I’d like to work with and it’s been all of one hour on here.

I have so much respect for the risk and the cause you’re promoting. I feel like there’s a lot to give to empowering causes, since there is such a disproportionate benefit I, and the guys in my company get from essentially just being men. Thanks for doing something like this, you’re bringing this world forward. What you’re doing is so important.

As much as we have to rely on the system, we can’t be afraid to subvert it, and to say, this may be how the men have played, but we refuse to except the mantra of ruthless competition and “winning” over others. For the longest time, feminism was about being able to do what the boys did, and now it’s about doing what we want to do, regardless of the gendered precedent. And it is time our male counterparts take some pointers from us. There is no gender to knowledge.



Thanks a bunch for starting this amazing platform—I’m a recent graduate and LGP is already making me more confident in making career choices.
That last event was the perfect motivation to get everything in order so I’m ready for whatever opportunity pops up next.
From the first Ladies Get Paid event I went to, I was automatically inspired. This is a community I don’t just want to be a part of, but I feel I have to be.

I appreciated that there was an acknowledgement that we do not have to buy the conventional wisdom that there is not enough to go around.

I think one woman said it best, there is enough room at the table if you make space. For me, that was what last night was about, making space, and we are now setting the table.