Recap: San Diego Kick Off Town Hall

This is a recap of our first town hall in San Diego on March 7, 2017. The night featured mingling, connecting, and an opportunity for our six panelists to share what they’ve learned on their journeys navigating the professional community in San Diego. There was a common thread tied throughout that we must continue to lift each other up through active networking for self and for others — encouraging healthy discussions in the workplace, and being real about the amount of time we want to give versus the amount of time we have to give. 

Undressing Your Compensation

You are moving confidently through an interview when all of the sudden the hiring manager asks, “Please walk me through your salary history, starting at the first place of employment.” Crap. How do you navigate this question without losing the opportunity or your temper?

Claire Wasserman
The Bearded Feminist

I started to write and publish more and more and this was the moment I came up with the idea of “Bearded Feminist." The Facebook magazine portrays inspiring women around the globe to create a platform for role models for current and future generations.

Claire Wasserman
When my dad turned down a job, they called my mother and accused her of hindering his career

How can it be that we have come so far and yet not far at all? While the number of those who still see women as second class citizens has drastically decreased since my mother's career began, it still seems the voices against women, the wage gap and reproductive rights are just as loud as they were twenty or thirty years ago.

How my anxiety got the best of me but won't again

My constant worrying about the “what ifs” and “buts” is a common part of the female ethos, one that makes up so much a part of our social and political identity, it’s difficult at times to even identify a separate sense of self, and one that has the grim potential to make us question our own abilities and ideas to the point of self-sabotaging.

Stop sabotaging yourself

When we allow ourselves to step aside, it can feel surreal. We become more receptive and open to new ideas, new opportunities and meeting new people. It feels like our brain has more capacity to take more in and think creatively when we were foggy before because we were preoccupied and absorbed by those thoughts.